What Is the Role of Real Estate Companies in Turkey?

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What is the role of real estate companies in Turkey? What services does it provide to its clients? Two questions arise for those who buy real estate, and here is the answer: The mission and responsibility of real estate companies are integrated, as it starts from the first contact with the client and extends beyond the handover of the keys to the property.

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We at Rumeli Real Estate offer our services, experiences and principles in our journey with clients while buying a property in Turkey, which are:


What services do real estate companies provide in Turkey?

First, contacting the client | Real Estate Consulting

The first contact with the client at Rumeli Real Estate has various forms, one of these forms being the gateway to the first contact between you and the real estate consultancy team in the company, and through this communication, we can learn several main things that help us in choosing the right property for you, which are as follows:

  • The goal of buying a property in Turkey.
  • The type and shape of the property.
  • The number of rooms in the property and its area.
  • The preferred area to own a property in Turkey.
  • Some other preferences from the look or the role and…
  • The estimated budget allocated for the purchase.


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Second, receiving the client and going out for real estate tours

A distinguished service that we provide to our clients for free; It is to receive them from the airport, to accompany them to their place of residence on the one hand, and to go out with them on real estate tours on the other hand, in order to inspect the apartments that were previously agreed upon with the real estate consultant.

Real estate tours are accompanied by a comprehensive definition of the area and its service facilities; from universities, malls, bazaars, and everything related to living in Turkey, we also draw the client's attention to the expenses that follow the purchase process.


Third, choosing the right property and getting special prices

After the real estate tours are over and the appropriate property has been selected according to your requirements and vision, our job comes to obtaining a competitive price, or payment installment plans commensurate with your capabilities.

Rumeli real estate negotiations do not end, and they reflect long experience, and professional ways to obtain prices commensurate with the market price.

Thus, this is done by comparing with other similar properties, to obtain lower prices, and if the property owner is a construction company, we can obtain discounts for him by virtue of our presence in the Turkish real estate market, and this means that the appropriate real estate company guarantees that you will get outstanding competitive prices.


Fourth, preparing the required documents and obtaining the title deed "Tapu"

During the process of choosing the right property, the real estate consultancy team informs you of the papers required to buy a property in Turkey. This will be whether your purpose is for buying the property only, or for the purpose of purchasing with obtaining Turkish citizenship simultaneously.


After preparing the papers required to purchase the property, our task is to submit them to the relevant Land registration department and follow up on the request.

At this stage, we will be waiting for a text message to arrive; it includes depositing the title deed fees, setting a specific hour for the two parties to come and signing the transfer of ownership of the property, and finally receiving the title deed "Tapu".

Let’s not forget the transfer of the value of the property allowance through a bank transfer exclusively, and the money is disbursed through the Central Bank of Turkey to achieve the required condition when buying and receiving the disbursement document as well.


Fifth, our services do not end, but continue until after the sale

We offer many services to clients after the sale process, which are as follows:


The most prominent services of real estate companies in Turkey after sales

1- Applying for Turkish citizenship

Rumeli Real Estate prepares for you the file of obtaining Turkish citizenship from A to Z, by fulfilling the conditions to be met before purchasing, then reserving the property, and then submitting the file to the population department, and finally receiving the Turkish identity and passport.


2- Registration in the municipality and opening subscriptions

Registering the property in the relevant municipality is important, as well as opening property subscriptions such as water, gas, electricity, and the Internet whether through the agency, or with your personal presence.


3- Property management and leasing

Real estate management is a job that is no less important than others, especially since we mean by it taking care of the real estate in full and follow-up, and that is by renting the property to qualified people for this, then drafting legal contracts to protect the property from misuse, and finally the periodic follow-up to them in collecting dues with frequent visits to inspect the property.


4- Furnishing the property

Rumeli Real Estate helps you in furnishing real estate from the smallest details to the largest, as we offer you the best modern designs and apply them on the ground, as we choose the most famous brands of electronics and furniture, with delivery at the maximum speed as well.


Choosing the best real estate company is what makes your way on this journey legally safe, otherwise it will have a bad effect and an unsatisfactory end.

Rumeli Real Estate is the agent of many Turkish construction companies, through which we aspire to find properties suitable for your aspirations and preferences.

We receive your inquiries and questions regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship and legal advice in general.

Contact us here.

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