Real estate Prices in Turkey Compared to Other Countries 2022

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If you are looking for a property to live or invest in Turkey, you need to know more about Real estate Prices in Turkey  compared to other countries and consider the advantages that you will enjoy when you own a property in Turkey, and you must be curious to know why many people buy in it.

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Major changes have occurred in the world in recent years, affecting most countries and various sectors, but Turkey has shown stability and growth that has made it at the forefront of countries looking for real estate for sale.

In this article, we provide you with information that reviews the price variance of real estate in Turkey, shows the reason for the high demand for buying a property in Turkey, and we clarify the price of real estate in Turkey compared to other countries.

Therefore, we will answer the following questions:

  • What is the reason for the high demand for buying real estate in Turkey ?
  • What are the reasons that create a variance in the price of real estate in Turkey?
  • What is the price of real estate in Turkey compared to other countries?


What is the reason for the high demand for buying real estate in Turkey?

Statistics issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate an increase in the volume of demand for the real estate market in Turkey , which indicates the vitality of this market, and confirms the importance of this investment sector in Turkey, especially in major cities.

However, advantages that you get when you buy a property in Turkey, and the government facilities, have prompted many foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey , and these are:

1. Real estate residence permit

owning a property worth $75,000, in specific places in Turkey, for the purpose of housing exclusively, grants you a real estate residence permit that allows you to enter and exit Turkey without a visa, in addition to the possibility of opening a bank account in most Turkish banks.


2. Turkish citizenship

You can obtain Turkish citizenship , when you own real estate worth 400 thousand dollars, and thus enjoy a strong international passport.

Turkish citizenship

3. Real estate investment

Economists confirm that real estate investment in Turkey is one of the best types of investments due to its vitality and stability, and the most profitable in the Turkish economy market, and it has proven its strength when it stood in the face of crises and recovered quickly.


What are the reasons that create a variance in the price of real estate in Turkey?

There are many factors affecting the price of real estate in Turkey, and they are summarized as follows:


1- The city in which the property is located

The price of the property in Turkey varies according to the importance of the city in which it is located, its development, the strength of its infrastructure, the tourist attractions that it embraces, the presence of development projects in it, educational facilities, and the extent of its urban development. Therefore, the price of real estate in Istanbul is different from its price in any other Turkish city, such as Ankara or Adana, albeit with the same specifications.


2- The location of the apartment in the city

It is certain that the apartments closest to the city center are more expensive, as well as those adjacent to the transportation network, in addition to those that are surrounded by services and social facilities.


3- Property specifications

In terms of its age, its internal and external cladding, its view, its area, and its real estate record, all of them are influential factors in determining the price of a property.


What is the price of real estate in Turkey compared to other countries?

If you have arrived here, you need to compare real estate prices in different countries, because you are looking for the right prices and the optimal place to decide to buy a house, which is a difficult decision in which you need to be careful about.

Consequently, we present to you the average prices of apartments in several cities in Turkey, and then compare their price with the prices of other countries, such as Germany, Spain and Dubai...


The average price of real estate in Turkey



60 m2



101 m2



150 m2



210 m2

Istanbul82,000 $152,000 $220,000 $310,000 $
Antalya74,000 $120,000 $170,000 $240,000 $
Ankara68,000 $110,000 $155,000 $220,000 $
Trabzon62,000 $94,000 $140,000 $198,000 $


See the variance in prices between the cities of Turkey and this comes according to the importance and characteristics of each city. On the other hand, each of these cities contains various real estate projects that serve different tastes and needs, at reasonable prices, for housing or investment.

But before that, look at the real estate price table in Turkey compared to other countries, so that you can know the most suitable place to buy a future home.


The average price per square meter in dollars in a number of regional cities
CityApproximate price per square meter in dollars
Dubai3,600 $
Germany$ 3,400
Denmark2,700 $
Spain$ 2,400
Athens1,800 $
Istanbul1,100 $


Turkish cities are still the cheapest among other countries, despite their distinctive features, which have made Turkey a destination for those looking for stability.

Prices may go up or down depending on the reasons we mentioned, but we have tried to find a rough picture for you, through it, you can know the price of real estate in Turkey compared to others.

The real estate sector has proven to be one of the most successful investment sectors in Turkey, making the decision to invest in real estate in Turkey at the present time a correct decision.


Remember Rumeli Real Estate takes you on professional real estate tours to find your preferred property, and we guarantee you a safe sale process, mediated by specialized lawyers in this regard, in addition to our distinguished after-sales services.

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