The garden city of Bahçeşehir is a promising investment destination

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We will explore the splendor of “Bahcesehir” and take a look at the factors that make it a distinguished center for real estate investment in Turkey and we will highlight the real estate developments, advanced infrastructure, and growing economic opportunities that make this city an unparalleled opportunity for those looking to settle and prosper and we wish you an enjoyable reading.


About the Bahçeşehir region

First…. The region was given this name, which means “city of gardens” in Arabic, in reference to the vast green spaces it covers and this is clearly evident at the beginning of spring until mid-autumn, as the area is decorated with green meadows and the presence of the valley that will be part of the Istanbul Water Canal.

It was previously a place designated only for luxury villas and summer homes, where the people of Istanbul came to get away, even if relatively, from the city center and today, with population expansion, it has become a place full of luxurious projects and residential complexes, which enjoy all the services of luxury and recreation.


Location and status of Bahcesehir

We note first that the Bahçeşehir region is a non-independent municipality, meaning that it is affiliated with several municipalities, part of which is affiliated with Avcılar, the second is affiliated with Esenyurt, and the last is affiliated with the Başakşehir region, but according to rumors spreading from the Istanbul municipality, the region will become an independent municipality in the near future, and the reason is due to its large size and rapid population expansion.

The area is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically on the TEM highway line, adjacent to the areas of Avcılar, Esenyurt, and Başakşehir. It also has a distinctive view of Kucukcekmece Lake, “the end of the Sea of ​​Marmara.”


Why is Bahçeşehir a promising investment destination?

  1. Bahcesehir is located in a central location in Istanbul, which means easy access to the main areas of the city
  2. The area has advanced infrastructure, with facilities such as schools, hospitals, shops and restaurants
  3. The presence of parks and recreational areas makes it suitable for families
  4. It is considered a safe area and has effective security supervision
  5. A wide range of real estate options are available, including residential apartments and villas
  6. The presence of sports clubs and health centers that promote a healthy lifestyle
  7. Its locations allow easy access to public transportation and major roads
  8. Some properties in Istanbul and in Bahcesehir in particular may provide beautiful views of the city or the sea
  9. The region can be attractive for investors wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey thanks to economic growth and real estate development
  10. The presence of luxury shopping centers adds to the standard of living
  11. Having an international community may be an advantage for people looking for cultural diversity
  12. International schools and universities provide diverse educational options
  13. Good investment opportunities may be available in this region.
  14. The proximity of shops and markets makes daily shopping easy.
  15. Plans to develop the area can be a positive indicator for investment.
  16. Its proximity to airports makes travel easy.
  17. A quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  18. Properties equipped with advanced building technologies
  19. Good opportunities for renting real estate in Turkey due to continuous demand.
  20. The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Istanbul worth 400 thousand US dollars
  21. You can obtain real estate residency in Turkey by purchasing an apartment in Istanbul worth 200,000 US dollars
  22. You can obtain a Turkish passport after being granted Turkish citizenship and enjoying the rights of Turkish citizens

The most important advantages of the Bahçeşehir area

Below we will learn together about the most important advantages of the Bahçeşehir region

Firstly, there is Lake Golet, the largest artificial lake in Turkey

Lake Gulet Park is the first and largest artificial pond in Turkey, covering an area of ​​26 thousand square meters and located within an area of ​​300,000 square meters of Bahçeşehir Entertainment Park, there are many restaurants and private clubs, and there is a fixed system at the bottom of the lake where water lighting shows are performed.

Secondly, the Ispartakule region

Over the past few years, this region has broken a significant number of major real estate projects, the most important of which is the famous Isparta Kulayt Konut project, which contains more than 1,400 residential units and the area is also rich in green spaces and vital facilities, such as schools, cafes, etc…

Third: Akbati Mall

A large shopping center for which the region is famous is Akbati, around which major residential projects have gathered, such as the famous Akoza Park and the center also contains many international and Turkish brands whose name has become famous all over the world.

Fourth, Kucukcekmece Lake

This lake's name is often mentioned in Bahçeşehir, and the reason is due to those who want to live in this area, as many real estate projects focus on having views of the lake and if you want to get an apartment with a view of Kucukcekmece Lake, all you have to do is contact us so we can help you with that.

Bahcesehir and real estate projects

Bahçeşehir, after the announcement of the Istanbul Water Canal project, has become a distinguished place for investment and housing at the same time, as some want a view of the new Bosphorus, while others want to invest in the long term and this project attracted many people to own real estate in this area. .

The region is still the preferred destination for Arab communities, especially the people of the Arabian Gulf, to the point that some projects there, such as Isparta Kule, are inhabited by Arabs at a rate not less than half, or even more.

Today, the region lacks new projects due to the huge demand for buying real estate there, as all options became a resale process, and on the other hand, Turkish construction companies began to focus more on purchasing land on both sides of the canal in order to build huge projects.

The Istanbul Canal project has increased the attraction of people to the Bahçeşehir region, so why not? This project will have a global impact at all levels and in the near future, Bahcesehir will be a competitor to regions such as Besiktas, Uskudar, and other regions along the Bosphorus Strait.


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