Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship

The Turkish passport ranks 30th among passports in the world.


It allows its holders to travel to more than 70 countries around the world without the need to issue a prior visa.
Travelers to 52 countries can automatically obtain a visa on arrival.
It allows travel to more than 8 countries with an electronic visa that can be obtained online.
The Turkish passport is issued within a short period of about 10 days.
Those holding Turkish citizenship can apply directly for a passport without a specific period of residence.
It allows you to benefit from retirement programs and the right to vote in all types of elections in Turkey.
It is allowed to maintain the original nationality or acquire another nationality.
It has a validity of 10 years with the possibility of lifetime renewal.
It guarantees all medical and educational rights granted to Turkish citizens.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

Real estate ownership in Turkey

By purchasing a property whose value exceeds 400 thousand US dollars
Investing in Turkey
By investing with a capital exceeding $500,000
Deposit in the bank
Deposit $500,000 in Turkish banks for a period of no less than 3 years.

Stages of naturalization in Turkey

1. The first stage: registering and approving the application.
2. The second stage: sending the file to the General Directorate in Ankara.
3. The third stage: Initial scrutiny of the file by the various security, foreign, finance and intelligence directorates.
4. Stage Four: Re-audit to correct any problems or deficiencies.
5. The fifth stage: sending the audited file to the Council of Ministers for approval.
6. Sixth stage: making the final decision to approve the application and grant citizenship.
7. The seventh stage: sending a message that the applicant has officially become a Turkish citizen.
Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship
1. A copy of the Tapu (title deed for the purchased property).
2. A valid property evaluation report, with a validity period of 3 months.
3. Original payment receipts from the buyer's account, which are stamped with the sending bank's stamp.
4. Original receipts from the seller's account, which are stamped with the receiving bank's seal.
5. Two copies of the agency for citizenship application.
6. Translation of the passport into Turkish, with its authentication by the notary in Turkey for all family members, including husband, wife, and children under the age of 18.

Rumeli services for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Translating and authenticating the documents required from your home country.
Carrying out all necessary procedures to purchase the property and obtain the title deed.
Prepare a legal agency to prepare the required documents.
Preparing the conformity form and submitting it to the competent authorities.
Evaluation of the property by an evaluation institution accredited by the state.
Obtaining a residence permit from the citizenship office in Turkey.
Receiving the decision to grant Turkish citizenship to you and your entire family.