Let’s discover the “Basaksehir” area together

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We will take you on an exploratory journey to discover the landmarks of Basaksehir and the diverse experiences they offer and we will explore the charm of daily life in this region, and take a look at the cultural and entertainment places that give Basaksehir a unique touch, so continue reading on to learn more details that will help you about buying real estate in Turkey.


An overview of the Basaksehir region

Firstly, Başakşehir in Turkish means the city of Sanabel, and it is one of the very modern areas as it was launched in 2008 after it was connected to Kucukcekmece and Esenler, as it is considered one of the regions with a strong and developed infrastructure because it was built according to modern standards and keeps pace with construction developments in the world.

Within this area, specifically in the Kayaşehir neighborhood, which is overwhelmingly crowded with Arab residents and tourists, this area is inhabited by an elite and highly educated class of Turks, which has made integration with the Arabs easier, and even the exchange of cultures has become witnessed there.


Basaksehir strategic location

The area is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically between the areas of Arnavutkoy and Kucukcekmece, as it is also very close to the new Istanbul Airport, and the project of the century “Istanbul Water Canal” will pass through it.


The region also includes the Chamlar Forest, which is considered one of the places visited by camping and nature lovers, in addition to major projects there, such as the “People’s Park,” the largest botanical garden in Europe, and the “Sham and Sakura Hospital,” one of the largest major medical cities in the world.

Advantages of buying a property in Basaksehir Istanbul

  1. Basaksehir enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Istanbul, making it easy to access various vital areas and public transportation.
  2. The region is witnessing rapid urban development, with the establishment of modern real estate projects that meet the needs of residents and investors.
  3. Başakşehir is home to modern shopping malls, upscale restaurants, and entertainment facilities, making it an ideal place to live and entertain.
  4. The area offers excellent educational options with international schools and prestigious universities.
  5. The real estate market in Başakşehir is thriving, providing good opportunities for investment and increasing the value of the property over time.
  6. The area is characterized by a lively environment and high security, which makes it an attractive stop for families and individuals.
  7. Basaksehir has modern hospitals and health centers, in addition to public parks and green spaces.
  8. The area includes an integrated network of public transportation, making it easy to move around the city.
  9. Basaksehir offers a wide variety of real estate projects, from residential apartments to luxury residential complexes.
  10. The area hosts modern sports facilities, such as golf courses and fitness centers, to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts.
  11. You can buy a property and obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport .
  12. By purchasing an apartment in Istanbul and Basaksehir specifically, you can obtain real estate residency in Turkey.
  13. You can benefit from the tax incentives provided by the Turkish government to those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey.
  14. The possibility of buying a property in Basaksehir and renting it to tourists and visitors and earning a lot of financial profits and huge returns.

Types of real estate in Basaksehir

  1. Residential apartments are available in a variety of sizes and designs.
  2. Modern and luxury residential projects as well as traditional apartments can be found.
  3. The area includes luxury residential complexes that include a range of services such as swimming pools, gyms and gardens.
  4. There are luxury villas and townhouses in the area that provide privacy and comfort.
  5. Luxuriously furnished hotel apartments can be found providing residents and visitors with a luxurious accommodation experience.
  6. Large real estate projects are available that include facilities such as malls, schools, and parks.
  7. You can invest in shops and stores in busy commercial areas.
  8. Land purchase is also available for investors who want to develop their own projects.
  9. Offices and administrative buildings are available for companies and businessmen.

The most important information about the Basaksehir region

Below, let us learn the most important information about the Basaksehir region:

Firstly, Kayaşehir area

 The Kayaşehir area is considered one of the modern areas in Başakşehir, and it contains many modern projects, the maximum of which are no more than 4 years old and the municipal administration has paid great attention to this area, and the Konut Employment Company has created many huge and large projects in the modern style.

Secondly, the People’s Park “MİLLET BAHÇESİ”

The botanical garden is considered the largest in Turkey specifically and in Europe as well and this park is located near Kayaşehir and the park was established on an area of ​​368 thousand square meters in the new center of the region and the park includes courtyards and units for various activities and events, such as sports and walking arenas, bicycle paths, and special facilities for rest and picnics for families, and other means of entertainment.

Third, Sham and Sakura Hospital

This medical city in Istanbul is considered the third largest health investment in Turkey, and the Turkish Ministry of Health supervised its completion as one of the joint sector projects.

The city consists of six building blocks built around a common main building and the capacity of the main hospital of the Medical City is 2,354 beds, while the capacity of the physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital is 200 beds, and the capacity of the psychiatric department is 128 beds, making the total capacity 2,682 beds.

Fourth, Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Turkey and is nominated to be one of the best commercial complexes and modern shopping centers.

Mall of Istanbul contains more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally, as mall of Istanbul combines shopping, culture and art alongside entertainment, and it has the largest indoor amusement park in Europe.


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