Rumeli Real Estate Company is committed to providing a safe and reliable environment for its customers and visitors to its website and the company attaches great importance to privacy and confidentiality in all the data and information it deals with.


Rumeli is committed to providing a strict privacy policy that protects the confidentiality of customers' personal information and ensures the confidentiality of their data at all times and the Company collects personal data only when it is necessary to provide the requested services in accordance with the stated purpose, and is committed not to share this data with any third party without the express consent of the customer.

Furthermore, Romilly applies strict internal policies to ensure data and information security, including advanced encryption techniques and limited access procedures and the company also ensures that all employees and partners follow best practices regarding data protection and privacy.


Rumeli's privacy policy aims to build trust and transparency with customers, and to confirm its commitment to protecting their privacy and the confidentiality of their data with all seriousness and responsibility.